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Travelling in Style: Best Travel Outfits

Travelling in Style: Best Travel Outfits


Whether you're travelling to one destination, or travelling to and from lots of different places, you're going to need the best travel outfits to get you through. Finding travel outfits for women that perfectly blend comfort and style is the true goal. That way, you be sure all your travel clothes work and look the part.

Travelling can include every form of transport. From planes to boats, and of course, some car journeys are expected too. The difference between travelling whilst on holiday and travelling in the UK, is often the heat. If you're headed to a hot country that is. Which is why planning your travel outfits is a must.

Let's take a look at the best travel outfits for different modes of transport. All with the aim of keeping you comfortable whilst still being holiday ready.

Flight Fits

Getting the balance in your outfit for a flight is probably the trickiest of all when it comes to sorting your travel clothes. And it's all because of the temperature. You might be headed to a 30-degree location, but the plane ride won't be that warm, that's for sure.

Air con on planes often makes the environment a lot cooler than you expect, and if you've got a long-haul flight there is nothing worse than feeling the chill the whole way. Which is why, we'd always recommend layers. Including comfy pieces to combat the cool air from the conditioning systems.

Opting for a relaxed fit jogger and sweater is a good flight option, because you can sink into the comfort of the outfit whilst in your seat. Plus, you know you can always remove the sweater if you are feeling a little warm.

Model wears black lightweight leggings with a grey sweatshirt.

To really keep the balance though, a pair of lightweight leggings is the perfect pick. They remain breathable, meaning that if it is feeling warm onboard, you won't get overwhelmed. Equally, with a full coverage fit, the leggings will block out the drafts that are likely to give you the shivers all flight long.

You can even pair the sweater with the leggings to get the best of both worlds. Layers and breathability are a winning combination for a plane ride.

At Sea Outfit

We're not expecting you to be captaining a boat any time soon. But boat trips are a big part of travel. It might be that you have boat excursions booked, you need to take to sea to get to your final destination. Whatever the reason, there are travel outfits that are best equipped for the job.

You're bound to be feeling a breeze whilst out on a boat, but all being well, you'll hopefully also be enjoying the sunshine too as you ride across the beautiful sea. With that in mind, you'll want a fit that'll give coverage from the direct sun (you don't want to burn of course) and from the wind. All whilst providing you cool comfort that still stays stylish. Afterall, photos on the boat are essential for your holiday album.

Model wears Sage Green Linen Trousers and a White Ribbed Tank Top.

The best travel outfits for your boat trips, therefore, are those that involve linen. Linen trousers are the ideal cover-up. Lightweight, summery, but with a full-length finish. Meaning you get the best of a cool outfit, with coverage from the sun and some resistance against a sea breeze.

Pair the linen with a cute tank top, enough to expose some skin to the sun and soak up that vitamin D. But we'd recommend bringing a shawl to throw over your shoulders when the sun gets a bit much or the wind picks up.

Car Looks

Long car journeys are probably the worst of travelling. Stuck in one position, without much leg room and without knowing how hot a stuffy you'll be until you get in the vehicle. In a way they're similar to flights, but there is something more exciting about hopping on a plane.

If you're in a hot country, you can't rely on car air con to keep you genuinely cool. Which is why we'd recommend preparing for the heat. You can always control the air con whilst you're in the car, unlike on a plane, so if it does start to feel chilly you can easily manage the temperature. But you can't stop it from being too hot if the air con isn't doing the trick.

Model wears black Cycling Shorts and a white Oversized T-Shirt, with white trainers.

The best option for your car journey is to wear a cool outfit that is comfortable to sit in for hours on end. Nothing restricting or that will bunch up and feel irritating on your skin. That's why a pair of cycling shorts with an oversized t-shirt are the ideal travel clothes for women headed out on a road trip.

Lightweight cycling shorts can keep you cool and tackle the sweaty journey with their breathability. And, by adding the oversized tee, you're able to relax into comfort as you take your trip.

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