Defining Fitness Style: The Best Gym Wear Brands in the UK

Defining Fitness Style: The Best Gym Wear Brands in the UK


Your style when working-out can become an afterthought. After all, the achievement is the actual workout part. But it’s incredible how looking good can make you feel good. Boost your motivation to get moving by defining your fitness style with a helping hand from the best gym wear brands UK.

Gym wear brands should be about helping to support you, make you feel amazing, and work practically for the style of exercise you love most. That’s why the best gym wear brands UK, are those that prioritise the function and the look of your gym outfits. As well as providing the gym wear for all body types. Find those brands that create the most fitting and flattering gym wear products, that work for you in the ways you need them to most.

The Best Gym Wear Brands UK

Yes, you’ve got your classic big-name brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma, but some of the very best gym wear brands are those that don’t hide behind a big name. Whilst bringing some great products to the market, these big brands produce products for a limited audience and at a high price. If you are seeking out gym clothes that will cater to your size, body shape, and budget, there are other incredible brands out there that will do the trick.

Yoga teacher wears the LOVALL Empower Set in Black.

LOVALL is the ultimate best as an all-rounder brand for women’s gym clothes. That’s because we keep in mind different body-types, heights, needs, and lifestyles. Feel amazing as you work it out with flattering gym wear which moulds to you and your movement. That includes squatting without fear of flashing your pants, thanks LOVALL’s non-see-through guarantees. Plus, built for impact, collections provide you with the confidence to go for it in your gym classes thanks to the high quality.

The Best Features

Size does matter! Sizing when it comes to achieving comfortable work-out clothes, absolutely matters. Brands who restrict their sizing to the sizes 6 – 14, are missing out on the chance to provide empowerment and confidence to all women. Whether you’re a size 6 or size 28, LOVALL brings you the best gym outfits for women. Plus, you don’t have to miss out on feeling great at the gym if you’re a shorter or taller build. LOVALL offers lengths Petite, Regular or Tall… in some cases Extra Tall is available too!

Woman wears the LOVALL Empower Legging Set in Black, taking part in a yoga class.

Being the best means you’re looking for brands that are not the cheapest, but not going to break the bank either. If we’re being totally honest, cheap and cheerful is not always the right moto, particularly when it comes to gym wear. Yes, you can stock up in Primark for under a tenner, but you’ll be back buying more in a weeks’ time. When it comes to women’s gym clothes, you’re going to want to invest in quality that withstands the impact of your runs, workouts or exercise classes. Don’t risk splitting a seam whilst doing a burpee! LOVALL provides the quality you need, at prices made for the everyday woman. Get your ideal gym co-ord set pieces, or individual items for as little as £25, and even less when we run our sales.

You need features worth falling in love with. That means gym clothes that accentuate your assets, flatter your curves, avoid sweat patches, are long lasting, and flex with your body. Look out for details such as contouring seam designs, sweat-wicking materials, 4-way stretch fabric, and of course, check out the reviews! LOVALL’s sport collections combine this combination of features, plus loads more that make us the best gym wear brand UK.

The Best Picks

We know a thing or two when it comes to getting the best gym wear co-ord sets, and work-out staples for your wardrobe. So, if you want the best set by the best brand… we’ve got you covered. Check out our favourites when it comes to sportswear.

The Empower Collection:

Designed with empowerment in mind. This set gives you the confidence to get moving, without the pressure and normal stresses. Build to hold you in all the right places, this set of Leggings, Top, and Sports Jacket works with your body to bring you the best outcomes from your fitness routines. Crafted with compressive, stretch fabric, a non-see-through guarantee, moisture-wicking material, and body-sculpting qualities.

Model wears the Deep Forest Empower Set in a yoga class.


Revitalise yourself with these lightweight sports leggings. Ideal for your low-impact exercise, and as an athleisure staple. They are a perfect all-rounder that are there to support you through every activity. Feel like you’re wearing a second skin as you get out on your walks, or to your yoga classes, all whilst feeling confidence thanks to the non-see-through guarantee.

Zoomed in image of Models torso, she wears the Empower Jacket in Graphite and the Revitalise Leggings in Black Tie Dye.


Set your sights on your fitness goals with the Focus Leggings. Stay comfortable whilst you exercise thanks to these sports Leggings that are designed with breathability in mind. Minimise the usual distractions of feeling too hot and maximise flexibility thanks to the unbeatable support and stretch in this pair. With a V-shaped high-waistband, this flattering gym wear staple is equal parts practical and aesthetic.

Model wears the Mulberry Plum Focus Leggings whilst doing yoga.

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