Get Ready for Sun: Beach Outfits for You

Get Ready for Sun: Beach Outfits for You


Summer is coming, which means sunny holidays in the UK and abroad. So, we’re talking one thing – beaches! And we love a beach day.

You can enjoy the sunshine whilst feeling confident in your beach outfits. Whether that’s in the mild sunshine of the UK coast, or the hot weather in the Mediterranean, there are holiday outfits to be had.

Beach days can consist of all kinds of plans. Maybe a cute BBQ on the beach, a simple dog walk, going to a beach club, or even a beach party. Discover holiday outfit ideas to sort you for all your beaching needs this summer.

Chill Beach Outfits

Beach outfits for those more chilled beach days are the ones that can catch you out. Something light that can cover you from the sun but equally keep you cool. And it’s important to think what outfits are easy enough to get the sand out of at the end of the day. Hand-washed items are not the one for your beach outfits.

For those quick visits to the beaches in the UK, you’ll want an outfit that’s perfect for those rare hot days. Whilst also the fits that can protect you from the sea breeze which can become a little chilly.

Three women walk along a beach path in the Lightweight Leggings and Cropped Leggings.

Perfect for the UK weather, is the Lightweight Collection by LOVALL. You can craft the perfect women’s beach outfit out of these super casual pieces that combine breathability with coverage. Especially in the case of the Lightweight Leggings and Lightweight Flares.

On those super summer days, the Lightweight Cycling Shorts are also a brilliant shout for the beach. Giving you that soft, breathable feel with a mid-thigh finish. Keeping your extra cool. But remember to wear your SPF.

Woman wears Beige Cycling Shorts and Brown Jumper.

The amazing thing about the Lightweight Collection is that it’s breathable but completely non-see-through. Just because you want that light feel, you don’t have to have thin, low-quality.

Pair your Lightweight Leggings or Shorts with a cute crop top and beach-suitable trainers or some slip-on sandals. Bring a little cardigan to throw around you if that breeze does catch you. Creating those chilled beach outfits isn’t so hard when you’ve got the right base with a little bit of lightweight in your wardrobe.

Beach Club Outfits

Beach clubs whilst you’re on holiday are essential, giving you the chance to relax by the sea with access to food and drinks whenever the mood takes you. But what to wear to them?

Of course, a bikini or swimming costume is top of the list. You can’t catch a tan without the right swimwear… let alone take a dip. But sometimes you need those extra layers that are light and cool enough to slip over the top whilst you head to get a drink or nip to the toilet. Or even to cover a little from the direct sun. After all, you want tan lines not burn lines.

Woman wears Navy Linen Trousers, with White Crop Top and carries a woven bag. She stands on a verandah in the sun.

Linen is amazing for the beach. Super light, easily packed into a suitcase, and it gives those holiday vibes that you need for your beach club outfit. LOVALL Linen Trousers and Shorts are ideal for by the sea. They are lightweight, therefore quick to dry if the sea gets them soggy whilst you paddle in the water. Plus, with an elasticated and drawstring waistband, they can be slipped on over your bikini really easily.

For those moments where you do want to be more covered, and oversized shirt compliments the Linen perfectly. This can be put over the top of your swimming cossie, and left open for that cute beachy style, buttoned up for more coverage, or tied at the front for the best of both worlds.

Woman wears Stone Linen Shorts with Black Tank Top, standing in front of the sea.

Alternatively, a Tank Top you can chuck on over your bikini top is ideal too. Giving you that secure, covered feel whilst leaving your shoulders out to keep on tanning.

To finish the look flip flops or sandals are needed. Easy to take on and off whilst you’re on the sun-bed or nipping to the bar. Then it’s all about accessorising. Get yourself a cute woven bag for those summer vibes, and chuck in your favourite book, bottle of water (because hydration in the heat is key), and of course, your sunglasses.

Beach Party Outfits

Got some parties lined-up for your holiday? Summer is all about letting loose, enjoying the sun, and partying with friends. So, if you’re off abroad, beach parties are never off the table.

When it comes to beach party outfits, there is a definite balance to strike. It’s all about looking ready for the party, without being too overdressed for the heat. Evenings can be cooler on the beach, but remember, at a party they’ll be a lot of people all stood dancing together. So, things can get a little warm and sweaty.

Woman stands on the beach and the photo captures her silhouette, as she stands with her arms in the air and hair blowing in the wind.

We can’t deny that Linen isa great shout again. If you can dress them up, there is no reason why you can’t wear Linen to a beach party. Especially Linen Shorts. These can be dressed up with a cute leotard or crop top, some added jewellery, and some chunky heel sandals.

For a cute 90’s look, white Capri Leggings or Crop Stretch Trousers are perfect for a beach party. Pair either with a matching crop top or cute Tank. Bring out those heeled sandals again, and you’re onto a winning. It’s the perfect figure-hugging look, that’ll give confidence whilst keeping you cool.

Woman poses in Denim Shorts and a white top, wearing heeled sandals in the outdoor sunshine of Cyprus.

Finally, you can never go wrong with Denim Shorts. You can’t get much more perfect for the beach than Denim Shorts. They give you that elegant long leg look, they keep you cool, and they are totally on-trend with the soft, stretch denim. Perfect to dress up with your favourite cropped tops. And, again, they are ideal for wearing with heels.

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