Autumn Maternity Outfits for a Trendy Mum-To-Be

Autumn Maternity Outfits for a Trendy Mum-To-Be


Autumn is upon us, and being pregnant makes styling for the season that extra bit more complicated. Finding maternity outfits that are comfortable, on-trend, and a great fit is no easy feat. Especially as every bump is different.

Our maternity outfits guide is here to help mums-to-be stay trendy this autumn. With outfit inspiration that can be relied on for all occasions this season. From taking some well-deserved lounging time to being a boss at work to hitting the gym, we have your pregnant style sorted.

Finding fashion for pregnancy isn’t a quick fix. Maternity outfits need to range from 12 weeks through to 40 weeks. And that bump is going to just keep growing during that time. So, depending on what weeks you're entering during Autumn, you might be seeking clothes that support a full-blown bump, or you might not even have let the secret out yet. That may mean you’re looking to show off your lovely baby-to-be or are seeking clothes to hide pregnancy. Our guide covers every stage, so no need to panic.

Maternity Loungewear

As a pregnant person, you have a free pass to relax 100% of the time. Working? Bed is calling. Cooking? Leave it to your other half. Socialising? Lounging at home alone sounds better. Carrying a whole human around with you 24/7 means you’re allowed to opt for chilling out over anything else. In our eyes anyway!

The only thing that makes the right to lounge around even more valid – is cold weather. As we hit autumn and winter, you surely can’t be expected to be rushed off your feet. Cosy up with a blanket and bump and you’re onto a winner.

All that’s left to do, is find the perfect maternity outfits to make your chill-out time even better. That’s where LOVALL’s Maternity Loungewear comes in.

Pregnant woman on white backgroud, sat and reclined in LOVALL Loungewear

Luxe Loungewear Leggings provides you with the support you need with a luxurious feel. Thanks to the brushed lining, 4-way-stretch fabric, and that all-important over-the-bump band. Pair these with an oversized hoody or sweatshirt, and your snug autumn fit is sorted.

Fancy something less skin-tight? Leggings are perfect for comfort like a second skin, but sometimes you and your baby might prefer something a little roomier for getting comfy on the sofa. That’s where we’d recommend the irresistibly soft Recharge Joggers. Designed to be worn off-duty, this pair allows you to sink into true relaxation.

Opt for a relaxed-fit t-shirt to throw on with the Recharge Joggers and get that cosy but bump-supporting maternity outfit. Perfect for a homely look that you can relax into, these maternity joggers are designed for lounging in comfort. Autumn is made for outfits like this – snug, cosy, and breathable for when you’re cuddled up under your blanket or sat by the fire.

Maternity Work Clothes

Sadly, we know that in reality, the work doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant. Not for a while at least. So, whilst we’re all for the lounging vibes, we had to get realistic and throw in some autumnal maternity work clothes too.

To keep things on the cosy and comfortable side of things, we’ve prepped our autumn maternity outfits guide with options. With trousers fit for the office, that feel as snug as your PJs, we can make the slog to get to work every day a little more bearable.

Pregnant woman sat on white block in work clothes, waering the LOVALL Treggings in Navy.

Our Maternity Treggings are a combination of trousers and leggings. They keep things looking smart but feeling snug. Designed with an over-the-bump band that looks effortless and takes the pressure off your belly. So, sit comfortably at your desk in trousers that look and feel the part. Made with thick fabric that is complimented by 4-way stretch technology, you can move to your heart's content. Pair with a smart shirt, jumper and some brogues and you’re good to go for your autumn workwear.

In autumn, a cute skirt look really comes to shine. And, even with a baby belly, you can make the most of this seasonal trend. You just need to have the perfect pair of tights to style your maternity outfit with, to see you feeling covered, confident, and cosy. In options of 40 Denier for a more sheer appearance, through to 100 Denier for a full coverage feel. Depending on your office style, you can get our maternity tights in Black, Navy and Beige.

Our maternity tights are made with the highest-grade microfibre, giving them maximum support and stretch. Perfect through all stages of your pregnancy.

Maternity Gym Clothes

Your autumn maternity outfits might need some sportswear sorted.

First things first, kudos to you as a mum-to-be staying active. It’s hard work walking around carrying a whole person, but to get moving for your own health too… that’s impressive. To give you motivation and confidence, our maternity gym leggings and sets are delivering the support you need.

Pregnant woman stood on white background wearing the Black Seamless Maternity Set.

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings are the first on our autumn maternity outfits list for sportswear. Not only do they look the part, but they come in super on-trend autumnal colours, such as oatmeal beige, chocolate brown, and deep mauve. So, you can seamlessly transition into autumn and winter, with your baby bump.

Our Seamless Sets in Maternity are made to be lightweight, making moving in them easy. After all, you have a bump to navigate whilst exercising now, so we’ve designed maternity gym clothes that’ll make your life easier. With a supportive over-the-bump band and 4-way stretch, you can get moving whilst feeling that your outfit flexes with you.

Finish the workout look with a matching Seamless Bralette. Again, with comfortable stretch fabric, you can be sure your pregnancy boobs are feeling supported and secure as you get active. All that you’ll need now, is a cute jumper to throw over yourself after your workout is complete.

Another Maternity staple for your sportswear wardrobe are the Revitalise Leggings. Made with the crucial baby bump design but with extra features too. Such as the added Lycra that offers more stretch, and the sweat-wicking fabric that means, even with your pregnancy sweat, you can wear them with confidence.

Finally, our Focus Leggings range comes in maternity too. Featuring a hidden pocket, these are perfect for getting out the house in. Plus, made with quick-drying material, these are the pair to go for if you’re feeling outdoorsy this autumn.

Whatever the exercise you’re looking to get into during pregnancy, our maternity gym leggings are made to measure up to the task. Continually supporting you and bump, so you can achieve getting active with ease.

Early Days in Pregnancy

We’ve been talking all about the baby bump. But, we understand, not every woman will be ready to show theirs off. Maybe you’ve not told all your friends and family yet, or maybe you’re not ready to inform your place of work. Whatever the reason, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for clothes that hide pregnancy.

Woman sat on a chair in a cosy, autumnal living room and beneath her cardigan you can see a subtle baby bump.

First of all, most importantly, you need to feel comfortable and supported. So, if you’re bump is showing, we suggest you still invest in some maternity leggings that feature the over-the-bump band that supports your belly. Having said that, you can add layers to make the bump a little more subtle. And autumn is the ideal time to be doing this, as the weather is turning and big jumpers are in style.

Get yourself oversized T-shirts and order yourself jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies in sizes that naturally would show up large on your body. This excess material will help to hide any bump that’s beginning to show.

We’re all for making the most of your pregnancy and showing off your beautiful body. But if that’s not your style or, like we mentioned, you’re not quite ready to share your news you can always opt for the oversized trick. And, as a bonus, this is extra snuggly for your autumn outfits.

Our Maternity Range

Our maternity range is built to be the best available fashion for your pregnancy. In support, look and feel. That means our maternity leggings, jeggings and trousers all flex to your body. We’ve accounted for the stages of pregnancy, and the bodily changes. That is why we’ve designed the range with added stretch, so you can be confident that your clothes will see you through maternity – and even into post-partum.

Shop the edit

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Dark Grey Marl

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Dark Grey Marl

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Dark Grey Marl

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue

Maternity Recharge Joggers - Odyssey Grey

Maternity Recharge Joggers - Odyssey Grey

Maternity Recharge Joggers - Odyssey Grey

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Winter Berry Marl

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Winter Berry Marl

Maternity Ultimate Soft-Touch Leggings - Winter Berry Marl


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