Two women pose together, wearing mid and light Blue skinny jeans.

Are Skinny Jeans Out or In?


Skinny Jeans have been a thing since the 1950s. Since then, they’ve been worn and loved all across the world, giving that figure-hugging look. That question is, are skinny jeans out of style or still in?

There was definitely a dip in the popularity of skinny jeans, which made room for Straight Leg Jeans and Wide Leg Jeans to make a comeback. Now that shift has occurred, people are rediscovering Skinny Jeans. Meaning skinny jeans are back IN.

Woman poses in the dark blue skinny jeans from the Lift & Shape collection. She's paired them with a white tee, beige blazer, and heels..

In 2024, we can see the love for denim is ever growing, making room for all the styles. We can see more of jeans in all shapes and sizes, which is why LOVALL redefined denim at just the right time with our collection. Including the incredible Lift & Shape Jeans which are a lifting style of skinny jeans for women.

A range of styles are taking the limelight this year. However, despite popularity rising for a short time amongst teens for the low-rise jean, the consensus is still high waisted jeans are the way forward. Making high-rise skinny jeans the go-to in that department.

So, next time you’re questioning are skinny jeans out of style, the answer is no. And they won’t be for a long time to come. They’re a women’s wardrobe staple, and thanks to their versatility, they’ll be around for a while longer. All you need to know, is how to style them, then you’ll understand why skinny jeans are, very much, IN fashion.

Styling Skinny Jeans

Part of the reason why people began shying away from skinny jeans was due to lack of understanding on how to style them. For all too long, skinny jeans were the go-to, but they became such commonplace that they became over-worn and neglected in styling. But now we’ve had that break, they’re back and ready to bring your outfits to life.

Skinny jeans outfits are based around the denim. They aren’t the eye-grabbing piece to the fit, but they were never designed to be that. Instead, they are the perfect base to build on. Giving you something stylish to create a look around, without stealing the show.

The great thing about our skinny jeans for women, is that they’re built to enhance your natural assets. The Lift & Shape Jeans are not about being too tight and fitted so you can’t breathe. Instead, they’re designed to give you that lift in support and mould to your beautiful figure. That’s why we use soft denim with added stretch to keep the quality, comfort, and fit spot on for every wear.

Styling the skinny style Lift & Shape Jeans is simple. They are the starting point of your outfit, so you just have to build around them. And this all depends on what the occasion is. Skinny jeans are possibly the most versatile of all denim-wear, making them an essential in your wardrobe.

Woman sits on a chair wearing the mid blue skinny jeans from the Lift & Shape collection. She's paired them with a grey cardigan, grey socks and a white tee.

For casual looks, the skinny fit goes amazing with a chilled-out oversized look. For example, an oversize sweatshirt or hoodie. Pair this look with some converse and accessorise with a long coat and maybe even a cap to finish the everyday style.

Going for a skinny jeans outfit for a night-out look is always a great shout. They can elevate a look, keep you feeling confident, and, thanks to our careful designs the Lift & Shape jeans, will keep you comfortable all night long too.

Woman poses wearing black skinny jeans from the Lift & Shape collection. She's paired them with a black leotard and heels.

Grab yourself a pair of black skinny jeans, and pair them with a cute crop top or corset style, throw over a blazer, and pop on your favourite heels. You literally can’t go wrong. It’ll bring the class you want; with the fun you deserve. Having that easy throw-together look for your nights out with the girls or out on a date is essential. And thanks to skinny jeans being in style, they are that quick solution for you.

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