Woman wears Vanilla Marl Luxe Lounge Set

Be Holiday Ready: Airport Outfit Inspiration


Summer is approaching and holidays are in the pipeline! So, we’re here to help you get holiday ready with airport outfit inspiration for your travels. Having comfy travel outfits for your plane journeys is essential to starting the holiday off the right way. Discover the best clothes for travelling in with our handy holiday looks guide.

It’s always a struggle when you’re headed somewhere hot to know what to wear. You don’t want to get chilly on the flight, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed by heat when you step off that plane. Striking the balance is key. Plus, you’re going to want to feel your best so the first moment you land, you feel like the holiday has begun.

Take a read of all our airport outfit inspiration tips, whether it’s for long-haul or short-haul. We’ve got your airport outfits covered.

Quick Trip Abroad

It’s true, a short-haul flight is easier to dress for. You don’t need to worry so much about how long you’ll be sat in the outfit for, because if it’s less than 4 hours, you’ll manage. Having said that, you’re still going to want to feel comfortable and ready for anything as soon as your flight touches down.

Keep in mind what you’ll be doing as soon as you’ve reached your destination. Do you have a while before you can check-in to your accommodation? Are you headed straight on an adventure? Or do you have time to relax and freshen up?

With a short flight, it’s more reasonable to assume you might set off on your day right away. Therefore, you’re going to want an outfit that perfectly transitions from airport attire into a holiday look.

Woman wears Black Linen Trousers with white crop top and a woven bag.

Therefore, a favourite of ours for sorting your stylish airport outfits are the Linen Trousers. Linen is lightweight to keep you cool in the hot climates but remains full length to keep off the chill on the flight. They’re also perfect for creating a cute holiday look around, meaning you can be ready for the day as soon as you step off the flight.

Linen is perfect as it’s comfortable to wear but gives an elevated style that more casual items might not achieve so well. They’re also easy to pack-down small, so fitting them back into your case won’t be an issue. Linen is, however, one of those materials that doesn’t drop creases easily. Which is why short flights are better suited. That way you don’t have to worry about your trousers looking crumpled after 12 hours cramped up in economy.

Having that easy throw over that you can wear whilst in the air but whip off and tie around your waist later, is an essential. Appropriate for long and short flights, but particularly for short ones where you can be ready in your holiday outfit underneath, but layer up for the cool flight. That’s why you can’t go wrong by grabbing a light-feel sweater for the journey.

The Luxe Lounge Sweatshirt isn’t too thick but keeps that cosy feel that you’ll need whilst on your travels. With a soft interior to enjoy on the flight, this sweatshirt can easily be thrown on if the aircon gets a bit much on the journey. Plus, it’s another great one for shoving into your luggage as it’s not too thick. Wear it on the way to your destination, then simply whip it off when you step into the heat and tie it round your waist.

Woman wears Light Grey Marl Lightweight Leggings with a white crop top and trainers.

Finally, for a cosier look that’ll keep you cool upon landing but allow you to fully relax on the flight, we recommend Lightweight Leggings. These are ideal for warm climates, but with a full length fit they’ll still keep you cosy even if the cool air is blasting on the flight. In over 15 colour options, you can definitely find a look you’ll love for your holiday.

Plus, Leggings are so versatile that you know you’ll get your use out of them. Even if they’re to travel in and wear in the cool evenings to cover up from the bugs. Lightweight Leggings are specifically designed for the summer, so they’re ideal for your summer holidays.

Flying Further Afield

Long journeys take some more consideration. Although you want to be holiday-ready, with a flight over 8 hours long, your top priority is being comfortable for that time. There is nothing worse than a miserable long-haul flight. Where you’re shivering cold, attempting to use the hard plastic walls as a pillow, and your clothes are bunching up in all the wrong place. Instead, thinking of the flight as an opportunity to get properly cosy is the way to go.

The best airport outfit is the one that’ll make transitioning from the airport lounge to your flight seat as comfortable as possible. Which is why we love the Soft Touch Wide Leg Lounge Set as a comfy travel outfit. Almost as cosy as pyjamas these will keep you feeling relaxed the whole flight long.

Woman wears Grey Soft Touch Wide Leg Lounge Set.

This set comes with a wide leg finish meaning you can sink into it whilst in your seat. It also has short sleeves so getting too hot won’t be an issue. Plus, with a drawstring waist, you know you can keep it comfortable around your midriff. No matter what position your find yourself in attempting to sleep on the flight!

Short sleeves could bring a chill to your arms if that dreaded aircon is on full though. So, it’s always good to bring an extra layer. That way, at any stage in the flight, you’ll be able to easily regulate your temperature. Pack a sweatshirt or hoodie in your carry on or tie it around your waist so you always have it to hand.

The Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt or Everyday Hoodie are both ideal. Super easy to pair with the Lounge Set, you can literally chuck the layer on… or whenever you’re not using it, you can fold it into a handy pillow. See, we’re full of good ideas at LOVALL!

Woman wears Oatmeal Beige Everyday Comfy Jogger Set with a white tank top and chunky trainers.

If the lightweight feel is not what you go for on a big flight, and you’d rather get full-on cosy, a jogger set might work better for you. As airport outfits go, you’ll see plenty of people wearing tracksuits. They’re convenient for a long flight, because you need to worry more about the travelling part than the part where you land. As by that point you’re going to what to change and refresh no matter what your outfit.

The Everyday Comfy Jogger set is made up of that handy Sweater we mentioned earlier and matching cuffed Joggers. They have an elasticated and drawstring waist to suit your size perfectly and stay comfortable no matter how long the flight.

Pair up the matching colours and look nice and coordinated for a stylish airport outfit look. Plus, it’s great to have with you, as even if you’re not up for wearing it on the way to a hot country… you’ll definitely want it for the way back home to the UK. Afterall, you can never trust the weather to be warm here.

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