Stretch Jeans: Staple Denim that Does it Right

Stretch Jeans: Staple Denim that Does it Right


Stretch jeans are a thing. A great one at that. Designed when the world came to the realisation that, although denim looks good, it can be thick, restrictive, and harsh on your skin. In fairness, a lot of branded jeans still haven’t cracked the balance of no saggy material versus the ability to bend your knee comfortably. Luckily, at LOVALL we’ve mastered it. Our jeans are created with denim that does it right. Enough stretch to flex with your body but shape retaining at the same time. That’s our promise with the Denim Redefined Collection.

Stretch Jeans - Lift & Shape Edition

Having a good pair of stretch jeans is vital when it comes to a skinny jeans range. Skinny jeans for women are the biggest culprit of being a stiff and uncomfortable outfit choice. Leaving seam line imprints on your skin and the backs of your knees sore from the times you’ve sat down in them. Sound familiar? Not ideal. Lifting, shaping, and stretching with your body would make for a much better skinny jeans design.

At LOVALL, we’ve designed stretch denim jeans that are a skinny fit and created to compliment your figure in a way that doesn’t restrict your movement. After all, confidence comes when you look good and feel comfortable.

Close up of woman wearing the Mid Blue Lift & Shape Jeans by LOVALL

The Lift & Shape range are stretch jeans made for a body-sculpting and figure-hugging fit. Highlighting all your assets, these jeans are amazing for cinching in your waist and giving a beautiful silhouette. With shape-enhancing technology, these jeans achieve the desired look you deserve whilst being gentle on your body thanks to the soft stretch denim. The incorporated cotton means this denim is light, supportive, and stretchy.

Coming in sizes 6 – 28 and length options for Petite, Regular and Tall, our Lift & Shape jeans are ideal for every woman. Enjoy the comfort of this skinny jeans range without suffering the struggle to pull the denim on or have it dig into your skin.

Stretch Jeans – Mom’s Edition

Moms are always right. And in the case of our Mom Jeans, this remains true. Another versatile denim staple at LOVALL is the Stretch Mom Jeans. With a more relaxed fit, these vintage-style jeans are snatched at the waist, with a slim rather than skinny design on the leg. Still complimentary on your figure without such a skin-tight feel. Again, we’ve created this range to move with you.

Woman leaning againsta glass staircase dressed in a chunky black cardigan and Black Mom Jeans by LOVALL.

The collection of Mom Jeans are stretch-fit jeans. Although the straight-leg style doesn’t hug your legs, they are made to be flattering with the slim-fit design. Therefore, we knew it was important to make them stretch jeans that would work with your everyday movement. Working with a fabric blend and incorporating a small bit of elastance, transforms these jeans into stretch denim that allows the material to mould around your natural shape.

Finished off with an elasticated waistband, the supportive high-rise finish creates a stunning silhouette, without putting pressure on your waist or being tight and uncomfortable. We’ve thought of everything, putting your comfort first. Again, our inclusive sizing applies to this collection. So, from 6 – 28, you can enjoy this range of stretch jeans.

Stretch Jeans – Straight Leg Edition

Our Straight Jeans are not left out of the mix when it comes to stretch denim. You might think there is less of a need for straight-leg designs to be stretch jeans. However, we believe that added stretch still makes all the difference for your comfort. That’s why our Straight Jeans are made with cotton-rich fabric that is made for stretch. This allows the figure-enhancing, high-rise waistband to sit comfortably around your middle. Keeping things flattering and non-restrictive.

Two models leaning against a wall wearing the Dark Blue Straight Jeans by LOVALL and the Mid Blue Straight Jeans by LOVALL.

The legs themselves sit in a straight-down design. But, with that authentic denim feel, they retain their shape but are soft on your skin. Allowing you to continue to wear them all day long, in ultimate comfort. Designed to be for ALL WOMEN, we’ve kept the sizing inclusive yet again. That’s how we do things at LOVALL – so no woman misses out on amazing, quality fashion.

Stretch Jeans - Jeggings Edition

Jeggings are the ultimate stretch denim staple. Combining the look of jeans with the feel of leggings – it’s no wonder these are a stretch winner. You can give the appearance that you’re wearing skinny jeans, whilst sitting in the softest fabric that is completed with 4-way stretch technology. There are absolutely no compromises needed with our Jeggings.

A Cropped image of a womans lying on the floor with her legs resting on the bed above. She is wearing the Grey Jeggings by LOVALL.

Incorporating an amazing 5% elastane, this wardrobe staple is the stretchiest of all the denim collection. Keeping the skinny fit, the high-rise waistband and the figure-enhancing seam design, our Jeggings have the added benefit of unrestricted stretch. So, you can move about your day with absolute ease.

Last but not least, the Jeggings have not slipped through the net. You can enjoy the ultimate stretch of Jeggings whether you’re a size 6 or a size 28 – and everything in between. Long legs? Or a smaller frame? No problem. Like our other stretch denim, the Jeggings are available in Petite, Regular or Tall, so everyone can make the most of these stretchy staples.

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Rocky - Height: 5'8 | Wearing Size 8 Regular

Lift & Shape Jeans - Black

Lift & Shape Jeans - Black

Eleanor - Height: 5'11 | Wearing Size 12 Tall

Slim Fit Mom Jeans - Mid Blue

Slim Fit Mom Jeans - Mid Blue

Ankle Grazer Maternity Jeggings - Dark Blue

Ankle Grazer Maternity Jeggings - Dark Blue

Ankle Grazer Maternity Jeggings - Dark Blue


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