All About Grey Loungewear: The New Neutral in Fashion

All About Grey Loungewear: The New Neutral in Fashion


Why is Grey Loungewear a trend in 2024? We’re going to find out!

We’re in the era of neutrals, that means, despite loving the splashes of colour where it’s appropriate, the world of fashion is all about the calmer, neutral tones. And that applies to our loungewear looks too.

Let’s delve into why there is a hype around grey loungewear, and the best loungewear fits for you, so you can make the most of the trend too.

Why Grey?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not sold on exclusively grey looks., a bit of colour is always a good thing. That being said, those full grey fits have a place in your wardrobe. It’s all about styling a neutral colour to create a coveted look, and turning something plain into something you won’t want to take off.

Zoomed in image of Grey Ribbed Leggings and Grey Sweatshirt combo.

The grey trend was born out of appreciating simplicity. Instead of bright and bold, people turned to more reserved looks to create interest out of textures, materials, and more, rather than solely relying on colour to do the hard work.

It’s not about throwing out all your colourful clothes, we definitely still love them. But, we particularly love the grey look when it comes to loungewear. The soft grey tones add to the cosy comfort of the looks, making your relaxing loungewear even more tempting to throw on after a long day.

So, let’s look into the perfect grey fits for you to relax in…

Classic Loungewear

When we think of classic loungewear, we think Leggings, Joggers, and Hoodies. Maybe that’s just us, but they’re the staples that every wardrobe should have for those relaxing moments. So, these are the first port of call when it comes to getting your grey loungewear sorted.

You might have guessed; we love leggings at LOVALL. So, to kick things off, one of our favourite lounging picks are the Luxe Loungewear Leggings. And, of course, they come in grey!

Zoomed in image of waistline of Grey Luxe Leggings.

Luxuriously soft, high waisted with added support, and non-restrictive, the Luxe Loungewear Leggings are ideal for sinking into on the sofa. Plus, the Light Grey Marl is their bestselling colour. Soft to the touch, and soft in appearance. They exude relaxation.

Complete the look by matching these Leggings with the Light Grey Marl Everyday Pullover Hoodie. Born to be paired together, you can contrast the tight fit of the Leggings, with the bagginess of the Hoodie, especially if you opt to buy oversized.

Loungewear, to you, might mean more of a joggers look. In which case, the only decision left to make is whether you go wide leg or fitted. Bringing you comfort and texture with the Ribbed Wide Leg Trousers, which are crafted with that joggers feel for ultimate relaxation. In a Dark Grey tone, they go with anything and provide the comfort you need with added breathability.

Zoomed in image of the Recharge Joggers in Grey.

Alternatively, if you prefer the fitted feel, the Recharge Joggers in Odyssey Grey offer the style and fit you need. With a high-rise, drawstring waist, they are designed for your comfort. The cuffed ankle gives you the non-restrictive feel around the leg, but with the finishing touches to keep that fitted look.

Fan Favourites for Loungewear

There are fan favourites beyond the standard loungewear fits though. We’ve got more than the basics when it comes to grey loungewear. Including our Soft Touch Wide Leg Loungewear Set, and the Cable Knit Set.

We’ve designed a loungewear set that’s good enough to sleep in. Perfect for lounging around in the day in or heading to bed in of an evening, the Wide Leg Lounge Set is the fit for the job.

Model sits on block wearing the Grey Wide Leg Lounge Set.

Crafted out of soft-touch, lightweight fabric that is gentle against your skin, and in a relaxed fit that makes it easy to sink into. The Wide Leg Lounge Set is similar to Pyjamas, but with a more daytime feel, so you can get away with wearing it at all hours. That’s what loungewear is all about! In Grey, this set is simple, soft, and stylish. Giving more that your everyday loungewear look.

For a more wintery feel, the Cable Knit Jogger and Jumper Set is a winner. Cosy, comfy, and ideal for the crisp weather. It’s not lightweight like the Wide Leg Lounge Set, but instead offers that warm, knitted material that is ideal for the cold days.

Model sits on block wearing the Cable Knit Joggers and Jumper in Grey.

Whether it’s the classics for every day, the lightweight Wide Leg Set for summer, or the Cable Knit combo for winter, there is a grey loungewear set for every woman and every occasion. It’s about upping the comfort so you can enjoy those chill days, whilst feeling good in grey.

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