Lydia Kara wears Seamless Set in Black out and about.

Make your Style Seamless: 5 Ways to Wear the Seamless Leggings Set


Want a wardrobe staple? LOVALL is on a mission to make your mornings easier, your outfits comfier, and your look even more coveted. Our latest seamless leggings and bralette sets have landed, and we’re bringing women across the world the collection that will solve the stress of their ‘getting ready’ routine.

Versatility is key. That’s why we’ve brought out a collection that is seamless in appearance and makes picking out your fit of the day a seamless process too. We’re all about cutting out fast fashion and bringing you real quality items for real people, a set you can wear for every occasion without it going out of style.

Introducing the Ultimate Seamless Collection, designed in collaboration with Olivia Bowen.

Our seamless leggings and matching bralettes come in five colourways, all sticking with the latest trends in fashion - simple, elegant and neutral-toned. Making them perfect for dressing up and down for any occasion. Today though, let’s take things back to black with 5 ways to style the Ultimate Seamless Collection in Black.

1: Solving the everyday dilemma

There is no need to wear uncomfortable clothes when running your errands and walking your dog. At LOVALL, we’re about creating clothes that can be loved by all women all the time. Something our Ultimate Seamless Collection does, well, seamlessly.

Olivia Bowen wears the Seamless Set in Sage.

Pairing the high-waisted black leggings with the matching bralette can be the basis of your everyday outfit. Throw on the LOVALL Oversized T-shirt in grey or white, and you’ve got yourself a stylish, monochrome look. Effortless. A simple and casual everyday fit that is comfortable, breathable, and non-restrictive starts with this staple black set.

2: Gym fit

Getting yourself to the gym can be a struggle. Find the motivation by looking and feeling good before even stepping out the door.

The seamless leggings set is ideal for the gym. Sculpting your body to give you a flattering look, the set is designed to make you feel secure. In black, the colour negates any fear of sweat patches. Plus, the quality of the material gives 100% coverage, meaning you’ll not have to worry about a see-through look when you’re doing your squats or completing your deadlifts.

Woman wears Black Seamless Set.

The bralette has removable pads to suit your preference, meaning you can keep a more shaped appearance or allow your bust a little more freedom. On top of this, with a 4-way stretch design across the set, you can be sure you’ll feel supported no matter whether it’s leg day, chest day, or arm day.

Whatever your workout style, this set is prepped and ready to go on your fitness journey with you.

3: Love to lounge

After all the talk of working out, we fully promote a lounging around kind of day.

The Ultimate Seamless Collection is created with buttery-soft fabric, so you can look stylish in black whilst feeling the comfort of a soft white cloud. The breathability of the material will mean you can stay snuggled up for hours without feeling overwhelmed.

Lydia Kara wears the Seamless Set in Black.

This set allows you to create an outfit that is ideal for your film nights in, lazy Sunday mornings, and your after-work chill by being easy to slip into and layer up. Go full out on comfort by adding to the set and snuggling into the Oversized Chunky Knit Hoodie in Beige. This combination is guilty of giving you a new level of comfort that will see you stuck to your sofa, enjoying utter bliss.

Olivia Bowen herself worked with LOVALL to keep the set stunning in appearance and cosy in feel, and we’ve perfected the Seamless Collection to bring you both.

4: Out out

Whoever said ‘beauty is pain’ clearly never went on a night out in our seamless set.

Traditionally, you might think seamless leggings and bralettes are for chilling, gyming, and lounging (we like to think so too). But when a set is created with body sculpting, comfort, and fashion in mind, there really are no limitations. 

Achieve a classy look by picking out the Ultimate Black set for your night out. The high-waisted leggings give your body that smooth silhouette so you can show off your figure. Your body is worth celebrating, so give yourself a fit that amplifies your assets and makes you feel good.

Simply add a leather jacket, some accessories, and your favourite shoes to top it off; you can enjoy the night with your friends whilst in comfort. Look good and feel amazing, and you’ll find there is no need to compromise.

5: Wear it to work

True, leggings are not always a good move for your workplace, but they do have their place in the working world. Take some inspiration from our black set for your workwear.

Claudia Fogarty wears the Seamless Set in Black.

You can be professional with the black-toned set; it’s clean, sleek and keeps things corporate. Your workplace might be pretty casual, meaning you can enjoy the comfort of a LOVALL set in peace. Equally, we have some ways you can make the look more formal to please all parties.

All that’s needed to make the Ultimate Seamless set work-ready is the addition of a shirt and blazer. As working women, it’s easy to look the part and feel comfortable simultaneously by pairing up the right pieces. We love the look of brogue shoes with an oversized shirt and the finishing touches of a black blazer to tie in the whole look. Professionalism never looked so good.

Best of all, wearing the silky-smooth bralette can completely avoid that after-work bra feeling. No more desperation to fling off your painful, wired bra at the end of the day. If you know, you know.

Give yourself the best experience, whatever the occasion

Experience comfort and self-confidence. Our Ultimate Seamless Collection in black has been created to optimise the versatility of your outfits. By understanding its full potential and spotting those opportunities to pair the set with other items, you are able to transform this seamless set into the best fashion experience with ease and comfort.

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Lucy - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 18 Tall

Curve Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Chocolate Brown

Curve Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Chocolate Brown

Olivia Bowen- Height: 5'5 | Wearing Size 10 Regular

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Sage Green

Ultimate High Waisted Seamless Leggings - Sage Green

Olivia Bowen- Height: 5'5 | Wearing Size 10

Ultimate Seamless Bralette - Black

Ultimate Seamless Bralette - Black

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue

Ultimate Seamless Maternity Leggings - Teal Blue


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