Model sits on the floor, wearing the Chocolate Brown Everyday Comfy Jogger set and the White Ribbed Tank.

4 Things You Need to Know About LOVALL


Have you heard of LOVALL? Well, now you have.

We’re a women’s fashion brand, specialising in Leggings, Denim and Timeless Basics. We are on a mission to be the brand for ALL women when it comes to clothing.

As a UK brand, we are proud of the products we bring to women all over the UK and the world. Our brand was established in 2019 and, within the last year, we epically evolved from being Love Leggings into LOVALL.

If you knew us before, you’ll know we are dedicated to bringing you the best clothes there are for your wardrobe. Nothing has changed there. With a female-centric focus, our brand brings clothing to the market with an emphasis on inclusivity.

Originally set up by two school friends, LOVALL was born out of the recognition of a gap in the fashion industry for good quality and reliable leggings that could be a woman’s go-to every day. Since then, we have successfully developed over 12 incredible collections of Leggings and brought out Denim collections, Linen collections, Sweaters, Hoodies, Tops, and more. Ever-growing, we’re here to tell you the 5 things you should know about our brand… LOVALL.


LOVALL is an inclusive fashion brand. This is thanks to the range of sizes, lengths, and options we offer for our products.

Models posing in LOVALL leggings and T-shirts.

In terms of sizing, ours go from 6 up to 28. Such a range is rare in the fashion industry, but it gives more women the chance to access well-fitting and quality clothing. After all, all women deserve to look and feel amazing. On top of this, at LOVALL we take into consideration height.

Women are often forgotten about when it comes to leg length, as the average height of a woman is set as default. However, some women are shorter and taller than the average, and these women may struggle to find clothing that fits in size and length.

That is why at LOVALL we offer flexibility in the lengths of Leggings, Jeans and Trousers. You can choose your size and then opt for the product to be Petite, Regular or Tall. So, you can get the perfect fit every time, no matter your size or height.

Beyond the standard fit for women, we take a careful approach to be accessible for all women throughout every stage of their lives. With a Maternity Collection that offers the same incredible women's products as Maternity alternatives. With over-the-bump bands on the Maternity ranges, we focus on being a comfortable and supportive clothing option for women during pregnancy and into post-partum too. Without a decline in style. Our Maternity ranges are created out of current trends, just like our women’s products. So no one is left out the mix.

Green Goals

Sustainable and eco-conscious brands are highly regarded today, as we need to look to protect the planet. And we aim to be one of those brands. Our processes at LOVALL are ever-evolving to ensure we can stay green and become more eco as we grow.

We can proudly say, we are not a fast fashion brand. LOVALL works at a slower pace with our garment generation and delivery, as we ship our products to the UK rather than flying them. Processing the deliveries via the sea, rather than the sky, avoids the large amounts of pollution that are created by air travel.

Model poses in the Oatmeal Beige Everyday Joggers Set and the White Ribbed Tank.

To further our eco-efforts, LOVALL is currently in the process of moving to completely compostable packaging. And, for all their products, they encourage customers to wash at 30 degrees and air dry.

Whilst we continue to introduce new methods to stay eco-friendly, we also encourage our customers to do the same. We like to participate in the conversation around sustainability, to learn how we can continue to improve our eco-efforts as a brand.


The fashion industry is a competitive market, and prices are being driven up more and more. At LOVALL, although we are not fast fashion, we are considered a quality yet affordable brand. Our prices range as low as £7 to £45.

Woman doing a yoga class in LOVALL Empower Top and Empower Leggings.

Our products are made to last. That means our products are made with the quality you need to see you through the seasons, and you can get your full wear out of all our clothes before you need to purchase more. Our products have a long life, meaning you can save money by buying quality, rather than opting for something cheap and low-quality.

Part of our mission is to be a slow fashion brand but remain accessible. That is why our price points are considered good value in the market. We pride our brand on being affordable for the average woman.

Style as Seen

At LOVALL we work with several incredible influencers and celebrities, who have all tried our brand and fallen in love with our products.

With some big names and real women vouching for our products, there is no denying that our leggings, denim and timeless basics are universally loved.

You may have even heard of these incredible women yourself.

Olivia Bowen wears the Grey Marl Maternity Leggings.

Olivia Bowen collaborates with the brand and has worked with us on a design level to bring out new product ranges. One of our best-selling ranges, the Seamless Collection, is brought to you in collaboration with Olivia Bowen. She has since been spotted on the red carpet of magazine events in the LOVALL pieces. You can even spot our brand on her socials!

The brand also curated a fashion edit in celebration of the hit film ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Our denim was the big feature for this, and our brand was represented to bring our customers the best of our Redefined Denim collection.

I Want To Dance With Somebody promotional poster.

Beyond this, we work with a number of influencers who have reached out to us or come on board with our brand. Names such as Lottie Tomlinson, Molly Marsh, Lydia Karakyriakou, Georgia Louise Davies, and loads more. All amazing women that we are proud to represent LOVALL.

But it gets even more exciting. We have big news coming, as we launch a brand-new collection with the incredible Dani Dyer. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this in 2024.


Now you know a bit more about us here at LOVALL, who we are and what we stand for. With 4 key things to know about the brand, (we don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but…) we’re a women’s fashion brand to watch.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the LOVALL family.

Follow us on socials: @lovallofficial

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Sonny - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 12 Tall

Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Black

Grace - Height: 5'9 | Wearing Size 8 Tall

Curve Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Stone

Curve Winter Everyday High Waisted Leggings - Stone

Diana - Height: 5'8 | Wearing Size 8 Tall

Everyday Comfy Joggers - Oatmeal Beige

Everyday Comfy Joggers - Oatmeal Beige

Sonny - Height: 5'9.5 | Wearing Size 12

Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Oatmeal Beige

Everyday Comfy Sweatshirt - Oatmeal Beige


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